The comprehensive cloud-based platform designed for satellite test and operations.

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Focus on your mission

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Spacecraft test and operations are fragmented, dated, limited, and have a long lead time. Integrating various COTS products or creating your own solution is time consuming, requires constant maintenance and upgrades, is difficult to scale, and needs a large multi-disciplinary team of engineers and managers.

Quindar provides a cloud hosted, one-stop-shop for spacecraft test and operations. We maintain the infrastructure and software so you only need to manage your procedures and operational processes. Control all of your unique missions on a single platform that scales to each projects requirements. Spend more time focusing on your mission with Quindar's comprehensive platform.

Simplify Management

Eliminate the need for procuring infrastructure, integrating unique software applications, and managing a large software team by using our existing cloud platform for standard testing and operations. Reduce scope creep by letting Quindar manage the platform while you manage your mission.

Expedite Mission Readiness

Contact us to start configuring your mission. Onboard satellites and ground stations with our trusted partner network. Use the same software suite in test and rehearsals that will operate your mission.

Eliminate Maintenance

Quindar manages and implements security patches and software upgrades. Our platform is powered by the cloud and provides infrastructure uptime >99.9% in test and production environments. Securely access your mission data from anywhere with our web app based on SOC 2 Type 2, NIST SP 800-171 and FedRAMP Medium security controls.

Elevate Situational Awareness

Decrease your mean-time-to-acknowledgement (MTTA) and mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR) when spacecraft issues are observed. View all space and ground health, anomalies, and plans in your team's mission dashboard.