Automatically Ingest PVT or Ranging and Trigger Flight Workflows

Manage orbits across multiple regimes for hundreds of spacecraft

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Multi-Orbit Trajectory Management

Whether your spacecraft is transitioning between orbits or integrating into a constellation, our system delivers precise orbit determination and propagation. Optimize your paths through space, conserve valuable propellant, and calculate visibilities for antenna reservations.

Scaled for Hundreds of Satellites and Unlimited Users

Built from the ground up as an ops platform without the constraint of user licenses. With Quindar Flight Dynamics, any orbit analyst can observe data and create workflows for hundreds of spacecraft.

Integrate with Third Party Tools

Already have an automated and scalable flight dynamics system? Push PVT data from Quindar to your third party tools. Send ephemerides and TLE’s to Quindar for distribution to antenna and SSA providers and ground station contact reservations.

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