Automate Spacecraft Tasking

Quindar Planning automatically reserves antennas and lets you create default tasks based on link, state, and phase. From pre-launch strategies to in-orbit adjustments, ensure your mission objectives are met

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Reserve Across Antenna Providers

Maximize your mission's global reach with our seamless antenna reservation system. Connect to a diverse network of antenna providers, ensuring reliable communication with your spacecraft no matter where it is. Simplify your access to ground stations and eliminate the complexity of managing multiple provider interfaces.

Plan Ahead

Strategize your mission's success with advanced planning features. Quindar Planning allows you to schedule tasks and reservations well in advance, giving you the foresight to avoid conflicts and optimize your mission timeline. With Quindar Planning, long-term mission strategies become clear, actionable, and adaptable.

Manage the Unexpected

Adapt to the dynamic nature of space operations with our flexible task reshuffling capabilities. Quindar Planning’s intuitive interface allows for quick adjustments to your mission plan, accommodating last-minute changes with ease. Ensure uninterrupted operations and efficient use of resources, even when unexpected events arise.

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