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Nate Hamet
OneWeb, Lockheed Martin, Orbital Effects

Command & Control Lead for OneWeb and an electrical test engineer for Lockheed MUOS AI&T.

Dave Lawrence
Head of Strategy
OneWeb, Iridium, Boeing, Orbital Effects

Systems engineer leading space mission lifecycle 
for payload at Iridium and OneWeb.

Matt Regan
Head of Operations
OneWeb, Orbital ATK, Orbital Effects

Engineering Analytics Lead for OneWeb Operations and systems engineering for National Security 
Systems at OATK.

Shaishav Parekh
Head of InfoSec
OneWeb, Red Hat, Orbital Effects

Mission Management developer at OneWeb 
with expertise in cloud infrastructure.

Sunny Bhagavathula
Head of Product
OneWeb, Boeing, Orbital Effects

Flight Dynamics Mission Analyst at OneWeb and software lead for fully automated FD SAR mission.

Zach Meza
Head of Engineering
OneWeb, Orbital Effects

Background in AI/ML and lead Mission Planning development at OneWeb and OFX.

Seth Burke
Engineering Manager
Boeing, SpaceX, Blacksky

Built modeling & simulation software for SpaceX and managed the constellation planning for BlackSky.

Jenny Tang
Machine Learning Engineer
Arity, H20.ai

Full-stack machine learning engineer  from the fintech industry.

Ann Schulte
Senior Frontend Engineer
Admiral, AMN Healthcare

Created ATS designs at AMN Healthcare and ad-block solutions at Admiral.

Alex Burkey
Senior Platform Engineer
Stripe, Charter

Lead infrastructure design of +15bn messages/day pipeline for Charter.

Sameer Isaq
Frontend Engineer
Carta Healthcare, Spirant.ai

Developed Carta Healthcare's AI platform to improve the process of clinical data abstraction in hospitals nationwide.

Caleb Beard
Backend Engineer, Test

At Salt, drove release times from weeks to hours and ensured testing was present, automated, and all-encompassing.

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