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Our Products

All products  are included in our comprehensive spacecraft test and operations platform.

Engineering Services
Supplement your team with our expert experience in space systems. Let us help guide you from mission design to flight.
Mission Integration
& Test

Test procedures and workflows in parallel with your simulators, flatsats, and space hardware. Review test results for the lifetime of your mission.

Ground Station Scheduling
Define your contact cadence and we will manage the reservations across our commercial ground station partners or your private assets.
Orbit Determination
Calculate the orbital state of your spacecraft based on your GPS or ranging data. Automatically deliver spacecraft TLE's and ephemerides to any 3rd party. 
Flight Plan
Review all past, present, and future burns and slews. Set an orbit and have our system automatically plan all of your stationkeeping and collision avoidance maneuvers.
Collision Avoidance
Handle all Conjunction Data Messages (CDM) from SpaceTrack and upload appropriate maneuvers to maintain a clean space environment.
Contact Orchestration
Connect to your ground station and spacecraft based on the contact schedule. Define your procedures for execution during the contact.
Spacecraft Schedule Optimization
Insert all payload, day-in-the-life, or anomaly spacecraft activities. Our scheduler will deconflict and optimize your plan to maximize production from your fleet.
Engineering Analytics

Analyze ground and spacecraft telemetry for anomalies. Let the system recommend recovery options or setup runbooks based on known patterns.

Our Features

Customer Portal
Log in to a web portal for all telemetry, commanding, planning, flight, and anomaly runbooks.
Automated DITL
Quindar manages the ground software and infrastructure. Define daily activities, anomaly runbooks, and "hit play".
Customer Support
Receive 24/7 customer support during any part of your mission via our support center.
Quindar API
Interface with each application to extract data or extend capabilities based on your mission.
Mission Test
Simulate your mission and run mission rehearsals within your test environment prior to launch.
Secure Cloud Ops
Our platform is based on SOC 2 Type 2, NIST SP 800-171 and FedRAMP Medium standards allowing you secure access for a distributed workforce.