New Hire: Welcome Jenny as our Machine Learning Engineer

Nate Hamet
August 30, 2023

We are excited to welcome Jenny Tang to Quindar as our Machine Learning Engineer! Jenny is an applied math major turned data scientist turned machine learning engineer. She follows her curiosity and the problem until it's solved and that's what we love!

Q: Can you share with us a bit about your career path?

After graduating from UC Berkeley with an Applied Math degree, I began as an analyst in the SF Bay Area. Transitioning to data science, I contributed to a dating app's protocol recommender system to match users and later developed machine learning models for banks at a Fintech startup. This led me to pursue a Master’s in Computer Science, driven by my passion for engineering and machine learning. Looking back, I've always been drawn to bridging software engineering and machine learning, given my academic and work background in both domains.

Q: I'm curious to know what sparked your interest in space?

I’ve always been passionate and curious about outer space. The books I read most while growing up were related to time and space travel. I’m naturally drawn to unknown, mysterious and challenging topics. I've worked across many industries in my career, and never imagined I'd have the chance to be a part of a team working on such ambitious and meaningful challenges for the world.

Q: Moving on to your current position at Quindar, what aspect of it excites you the most?

I’m excited to work on both software engineering and machine learning problems. I can also envision myself bringing fresh machine learning ideas to the team and making an impact, especially when it’s at such an early stage with tons of potential.

Q: As someone with experience outside of the aerospace industry, what skills or knowledge do you hope to bring to Quindar and the wider community?

I hope I can bring a fresh pair of eyes to understand, evaluate and solve problems in the aerospace industry. My previous experience is mainly in data and machine learning, so I’m eager to introduce creative machine learning approaches to Quindar.

Q: Looking back on your journey so far, what advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t be afraid of failure. The sooner you fail, the quicker you will learn and rise again. We only have one life, so be courageous and you will minimize any regrets in life.

Q: What brings you joy and happiness in your free time?

I enjoy running in my spare time -  it frees my mind and brings me peace and perspective. I also love cooking, especially when it involves preparing meals for loved ones and hosting dinner at home for friends.

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