Quindar Secures $6M for Spacecraft Management AI, Integrates with KSAT for Mission Ops

Nate Hamet
January 28, 2024

Today, we proudly announce the successful closure of an oversubscribed $6 million seed extension round, led by FUSE with continuing investment from Y-Combinator and Funders Club. This infusion of funding will propel our mission to manage satellites as efficiently as servers by utilizing AI-driven insights and operations to revolutionize the industry's approach to spacecraft management.


Since our initial raise last January, we have validated most of our operations software with an existing in-space customer, who is actively expanding their fleet. This validation underscores Quindar's commitment to delivering proven, reliable, and scalable solutions for spacecraft operations that others can use in days not years.


With additional government and commercial bookings over the last year, we have identified a critical market demand: the ability to operate multiple satellite busses and payloads from a single platform. Customers are facing operational challenges as they build their next-generation fleets and ground segments. Add the bottlenecks in satellite manufacturing and upgraded payload designs and it is forcing customers to purchase satellites from various manufacturers – all of which operate differently.

Customers can manage multiple missions and types of satellites in the same interface

To address this challenge, Quindar is working with KSAT to leverage our multi-mission ops platform in support of their new satellite operations business unit. KSAT provides a global ground network of antennas that can support any mission in LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO, as well as Lunar missions. With Quindar Mission Management, they are leveraging their existing infrastructure and industry leading SLA to offer satellite operations across all orbits.


The satellite industry is experiencing unprecedented growth, with customers seeking faster access to space. Traditional satellite operations software, often an amalgamation of various in-house and legacy commercial products, is time-intensive to develop, requires continuous staffing, and is built for one type of satellite protocol. Our platform disrupts this norm. Architected to be protocol-agnostic, it efficiently manages heterogeneous fleets across any orbit, catering to diverse payloads such as telecommunications, imaging, and PNT systems.


With the backing of FUSE and our prior investors, we are further abstracting satellite operations and developing intelligent insights and management tools. These advancements will enable the deployment of our future AI-driven autopilot system for flying satellites but for those who prefer traditional methods, manual override will always remain available.

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