How Quindar is Helping to Secure Space

Nate Hamet
July 18, 2023

In the high-stakes landscape of the aerospace industry, there can be no compromises with respect to the security and integrity of systems and data. We are in the midst of a modern space race with China but we cannot sacrifice our security. Recently, Quindar joined the esteemed ranks of companies that have achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance. A cornerstone of our software design principles is to offer commercial companies the same level of security and compliance as we provide our government customers. Here are a few lessons we have collected from our journey. 

1. Prioritizing Security from the Start is Key

From the outset, Quindar embedded stringent security measures into the DNA of our operations. This proactive approach became the bedrock of our SOC 2 Type II compliance journey. Integrating comprehensive security practices from the get-go allowed us to anticipate and effectively address potential vulnerabilities. Lesson learned? Build security into your organization from the start, don't bolt it on as an afterthought.

2. Consistency in Process and Policy is Crucial

SOC 2 Type II compliance doesn't just look at your systems; it scrutinizes your processes and policies over an extended period. The lesson we learned was that consistent, detailed documentation of policies, procedures, and processes is essential. Compliance is not merely about having security measures in place but demonstrating their consistent application over time.

3. Employee Training and Awareness is Paramount

One of our most significant insights was realizing the role of our employees in achieving this compliance. SOC 2 is as much about people as it is about systems. Continuous training, awareness, and fostering a security-conscious culture among team members proved to be instrumental in ensuring that our security measures were effective and consistently applied.

4. Working with Experts like Vanta Accelerates Success

Partnering with experts like Vanta, a leading Trust Management Platform, played a significant role in our successful journey to SOC2 Type II compliance. Their platform securely connects to our cloud services to verify our compliance hourly. Vanta saved us over a week’s worth of time by streamlining compliance verification and processes, thereby saving us thousands of dollars. Quindar is evolving every day, yet our compliance remains the same. 

What is Secure Space? 

Security in space extends from the ground to the spacecraft. We are proud to continue our journey with Vanta as we complete our NIST 800-171 and FedRAMP Moderate compliance.

To learn more about our spacecraft operations ground system and how it can support your mission, reach out to our team!

Why? Because security should never be compromised.

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