Quindar and ATLAS Space Operations Partner for a Turnkey Ground Segment

Nate Hamet
February 7, 2023

Today, Quindar is proud to announce our partnership with ATLAS Space Operations. The integration of Quindar Mission Planning and the ATLAS Freedom™ Platform allows our customers to skip the network and API integration and immediately reserve and simulate satellite contacts with the ATLAS network. Typical customers can save months in development and integration time through this turnkey solution. Within Quindar, customers can set the number of contacts, minimum contact time, maximum time between contacts and Quindar Mission Planning will automatically maintain that capacity while allowing customers to select specific additional passes.

Configure multiple space-to-ground links and set their contact cadence.

Quindar’s integration with ATLAS also provides a critical feedback loop where ground station events and metrics are seamlessly integrated into Quindar Incident Management. In the unlikely event of ground station maintenance or a missed pass, Quindar can automatically find a new antenna to maintain capacity along with alerting on-call personnel.


Quindar’s integration with ATLAS creates a utility for customers and allows them to focus more time and money on their company’s core value proposition.


About Quindar

Quindar’s cloud-based Mission Management as a Service platform allows our customers to design their constellation orbits, test their satellites in the factory with a hosted command and control system, reserve antenna time with our ground-station-as-a-service providers, and automate fleet operations. For example, customers can configure our system to monitor for a spacecraft in “safe mode”, reserve a ground station contact, and automatically schedule a set of tasks that will recover the satellite or notify a subject matter expert off-console.


ATLAS Space Operations is the leading provider of Ground Software as a Service™ solutions in the space communications industry. ATLAS has been recognized by the World Teleport Association as one of the fastest-growing teleport operators in the world for the past three years, and was recognized as the 15th fastest-growing software company in the world in 2020 by Inc. 5000. ATLAS combines the Freedom™ Software Platform and its global antenna network to achieve its mission of connecting humanity through space. To learn more, visit atlasground.com.

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