Quindar and OpenC3 Provide C2 as a Service

Nate Hamet
March 1, 2023

Quindar now provides command and control (C2) as a service with its latest integration of OpenC3 COSMOS. Quindar Mission Management provides a cloud hosted COSMOS service allowing customers to skip the C2 integration and administration and immediately focus on developing spacecraft operational procedures. COSMOS has extensive flight heritage within commercial and government satellite programs including RAVAN, Capella, Kepler, FalconSat, and many more.

Connection strings in Quindar provide simultaneous access to simulators, flatsat, and satellites

Quindar’s integration with COSMOS provides our customers with an immediate secure and scalable solution with a C2 engine that is capable of CCSDS, CSP, and other popular command and telemetry formats. With Quindar connection strings, customers can use COSMOS to command and control satellites, simulators, flatsats, or hardware units in both AI&T and operations.


With Quindar’s integration of COSMOS, we are providing our customers with the comprehensive toolset to use the same platform for testing satellites in the factory as in operations.


About Quindar

Quindar’s cloud-based Mission Management as a Service platform allows our customers to design their constellation orbits, test their satellites in the factory with a hosted command and control system, reserve antenna time with our ground-station-as-a-service providers, and automate fleet operations. For example, customers can configure our system to monitor for a spacecraft in “safe mode”, reserve a ground station contact, and automatically schedule a set of tasks that will recover the satellite or notify a subject matter expert off-console.


About OpenC3

OpenC3, Inc. is a software company devoted to the creation of modern ground control systems.  Their primary product, COSMOS, is a command, control, and communication application that provides the user interface for the control of any suite of embedded systems. It is used for Integration and Test (I&T) of satellites and components, and then after launch for operational command and control. COSMOS 5 builds on 17 years of heritage and brings a modern, cloud native design allowing the system to scale up to constellations of hundreds of satellites.

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