Quindar Integrates with the Leaf Space Network

Nate Hamet
July 31, 2023

Today, we're excited to announce our integration with Leaf Space, a leading supplier of ground segment as-a-service (GSaaS) solutions.


With this integration, customers can seamlessly receive their Leaf Space ground station reservations through Quindar. This offering enables automated execution of spacecraft tasks and data processing through the Leaf Space network. The integrated service grants users access to 17 additional antennas across 12 countries on four continents, eliminating the need for operators to create custom scheduling and network interfaces.

Through our SaaS offerings, Quindar and Leaf Space continue to streamline the process of ground segment integration. This approach ensures customers experience improved reliability and scalability and receive faster access to space through a common utility.


About Quindar

Quindar’s cloud-based Mission Management as a Service platform allows customers to design their constellation orbits, test their satellites in the factory with a hosted command and control system, reserve antenna time with ground-station-as-a-service providers, and automate fleet operations. For example, customers can configure Quindar to monitor for a spacecraft in “safe mode”, reserve a ground station contact, and automatically schedule a set of tasks that will recover the satellite or notify a subject matter expert off-console.


About Leaf Space

Leaf Space operates a fully owned, globally distributed network of ground stations, empowering satellite operators to communicate with their spacecraft in the simplest and most flexible way. Leaf Space enables TT&C (Telemetry, Tracking, and Command) and payload data transmissions via an easy-to-use interface, a proprietary autonomous scheduling software, and its network's global coverage. Founded in 2014, Leaf Space has offices in Lomazzo (Italy) and in Washington DC (US).

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