Quindar raises $2.5M to streamline satellite testing and automate operations

Nate Hamet
January 17, 2023

Today, Quindar is excited to announce that we have raised $2.5M in capital from the amazing folks at Y-Combinator, FCVC, Soma Capital,  Liquid 2 Ventures, K5 Global, and others.

If you are a startup, you are likely focusing on getting to market ASAP, validating your product, and managing your burn along the way. Quindar Mission Management is a utility that is more affordable than building a test and operations platform in-house and was created by experts – former test engineers and operators who worked on earth observation and telecom constellations. It’s a solution you can use today.


Quindar’s cloud-based Mission Management as a Service platform allows our customers to design their constellation orbits, test their satellites in the factory with a hosted command and control system, reserve antenna time with our ground-station-as-a-service providers, and automate fleet operations. For example, customers can configure our system to monitor for a spacecraft in “safe mode”, reserve a ground station contact, and automatically schedule a set of tasks that will recover the satellite or notify a subject matter expert off-console.


Our latest round of funding allows us to grow the team and hire a front-end engineer, site reliability engineer (SRE), and test engineer. At Quindar, we are building a company that puts the people first – customers, employees, and their families. We offer competitive benefits to help our employees and their families reach their financial goals such as stock options, 100% healthcare plan coverage, 401(k) matching, health & wellness, and remote work benefits.


If you are interested in revolutionizing space ground software, view our job listings! If you are a company interested in potentially saving a year’s worth of development time and hundreds of thousands of dollars versus building in-house, speak with us today!

The Quindar founders graduating from Y-Combinator last summer (2022).

Ad Astra,

Team Quindar

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